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Charity Delay Repay

Your questions about Charity Delay Repay compensation on Southern answered here…

We have received feedback from our customers that they would like to be able to donate to charity the delay repay compensation they are entitled to. We are really pleased to partner with The Samaritans and The Railway Children who will welcome donations from our customers. Both organisations have a long-standing relationship with the rail industry and make a real difference to the lives of the people they work with.

Even when delay repay claims are being allocated to charity we still have certain rules and regulations when it comes to processing the claims we receive. Because of this, all claims must go through a validation process to make sure we are paying out the correct amount.

Currently the charities you can choose to donate to are Samaritans and Railway Children..

This campaign has been introduced to build on existing relationships with Samaritans and Railway Children.

No. Each Delay Repay is one payment, which you can choose to fully donate to charity or receive payment through any of the other payment methods.

All of your donation goes to your selected charity.

With any claim made to charity, the customer will be notified of the outcome. In order to meet the Consumer Rights Agreement and other regulations relating to claims, GTR will make the compensation payment within 14 days. In the instance where the customer has selected to pay a charity, our retail system identifies this payment method and records the amount donated. Every 14 days a ‘bulk’ payment of all donated monies from customers is processed and paid to the selected charities.

How we deliver Delay Repay has changed considerably since it’s conception, and charity donation is the latest enhancement. We’re pleased to be working with these charities to provide another avenue for them to receive donations.

See 'How we compensate you' on our Delay Repay page, to see what other payment methods are currently available.

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