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Your questions about Wi-Fi on Southern trains answered here…

Look for:

  • GatwickExpress_WiFi
  • GreatNorthern_WiFi
  • Southern_WiFi
  • Thameslink_WiFi

Check you have switched your device’s Wi-Fi on.

Also check that the train you’re on has a blue ‘Wi-Fi’ sticker on the doors.

If you’re on one of our Southern diesel trains we sometimes switch off the engines at terminal stations if it’s going to be there for a while. The Wi-Fi should activate when the engines are restarted.

If you’re still having problems please get in touch – see ‘how do I report an issue’.

No, it’s free for all our customers.

No – just tick the box to accept the terms and conditions and then click the 'Connect' button.

You will get 50MB allowance per day per device. If you reach this limit you’ll still be able to connect but it will be at a slower speed.

Unfortunately this isn’t possible.

To ensure everyone on the train gets a good quality connection we do control individual download speeds.

You’ll see a bar at the bottom of the home screen once you’ve connected. Don’t forget that some apps may try and update in the background using up some of your data. To prevent this, you may want to turn off automatic updates before connecting.

We use more than one mobile operator for the connection so you should get reasonable coverage across most areas of our network however it can be slower in the more rural areas. Tunnels and deep cuttings do vary with some having coverage throughout and some not having any at all.

Unfortunately you won’t get an internet connection in the tunnel on the Great Northern route between Drayton Park and Moorgate.

You won’t see the on-train Wi-Fi drop out at these times but the internet connection may be unavailable for a short while.

At some of our busier central London stations, such as London Bridge and London Victoria, the mobile networks can get very congested at times and so the system may run slower. It should return to normal once the train moves away from the area.

As everyone on the train will sharing the same connection, you might also find it is slightly slower if the train is very busy however we do our best to share the available bandwidth between all users.

There are a limited number of websites blocked, these are generally ones that are either inappropriate or data-intensive (such as video streaming or large files) to try and ensure everyone on the train can get a good quality connection.

Please let us know and we’ll investigate it – see ‘how do I report an issue’ below.

Yes - these are available from the login screen, you can also view them using these links:

Gatwick Express 

Great Northern 



Whilst we work closely with our supplier to keep the system secure we do recommend you take the same precautions as you would do when using any public Wi-Fi. You can read some advice on this here.

Please email or phone us and we’ll be able to help you. You’ll need the number of the coach you’re in – you’ll find it on the wall at the end of the train close to the doors or gangway to the next coach and will be five or six digits long. 

Gatwick Express
020 8028 0390

Great Northern
020 8028 0389

Southern Railway
020 8028 0363

Thameslink Railway
020 8028 0367

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